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MAZE TECHNOLOGIES LLC Partners with the Industry's Leading Technology Providers

Primary Partnerships
Cisco Partner

As a Cisco Select Partner, MAZE Technology works closely alongside the sales and service divisions at Cisco. You can be assured that when you work with MAZE you are working with a professional team who has the experience necessary to ensure the delivery of the products and support you.

Dell Premier Partner

For more than years, Dell has empowered small and medium businesses and organizations, communities, and people everywhere to use technology.Our clients' trust to Dell delivers reliable technology solutions.

Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard provides new technology to be a significant effect on people, businesses, governments, and society.

Lenovo Business Partner

Lenovo makes award-winning PCs for their customer. Lenovo operates as a company uninhibited by walls or organizational structures. Maze work with Lenovo to provide reliable and secure services on time.

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

Today customers are demanding that more and more of their IT solutions and IT Providers with more of their technology being deployed in the cloud. Industry analysts agree this trend will not only continue but accelerate in the future.MAZE Technologies, Inc. recognized this early on and took a strategic.


stagecraft is giving services fast and reliable and easy recovery data protection and system migration for Windows server.it is provide disk-based backup and incremental point-in-time backup images of an entire system: OS, applications, configuration settings, and data.we can Choose a number of flexible recovery options.

Veeam Reseller NYC

MAZE is a certified partner with VMware, the world's leading data center virtualization provider. Our VMWare certified engineers will help you eliminate your obsolete servers and replace them with efficient environments where you can run multiple virtual machines on one highly redundant physical machine. MAZE not only saves you money.


About VMWare® is the technologies challenges enterprises of all sizes across the entire face in enabling the Always for active Business™, one of the most powerful operatee with 24/7/365. To address this, Vmware has pioneered services a new market of Availability for the Always for Enterprise™. Unlike “ data Backup” solutions which provide recovery time.

Vonage Business Certified Reseller

Since 2006 MAZE Technology has been a certified Vonage Business Certified reseller NY and NY businesses have served on to deliver the power of the latest cloud-based VoIP platform. MAZE started with Vonage Business Solutions when they were known as Vocalocity and with experiences, our clients have benefited with the partnership.


DriveSavers provide is services as damaged, corrupt and deceitful drives in one day. itis most data recovery providers company. As a solution, their tech advisers can successfully recover the data from all storage devices and all operating systems—from legacy to state at on time. They are approved with authorization and recommendation by leading computer.



GFI Viper Managed AntiVirus

Selecting an antivirus solution for your organization is an important decision. You need to protect your systems but you also need to ensure that the software you choose is cost-effective and easy to maintain. VIPRE Antivirus Business is a most-powerful solution that gives services fast, with efficient endpoint security.


Intel is world's largest semiconductor chip maker

Acronis Authorized Partner

It is a leading provider of easy-to-use disaster recovery and data protection solutions across physical, virtual and cloud environments. This including the ability to manage geographically distributed PCs, laptops, workstations, and servers. With Acronis’ disaster recovery, deployment.